Northgate Primary & Nursery

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OUR TEAM 2021/22

Management Team Curriculum and Management Responsibilities

Mr Mike Collins, MA
Head teacher Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), LAC coordinator, Mental Health Champion (MHC)

Mrs Claire Andrews
Assistant Head KS2 Leader, Assessment Coordinator (PIXL), French Lead teacher, DSL,
Mrs Sarah Young
Assistant Head EYFS/ Key Stage 1 Leader, DSL, Mental Health Champion(MHC)

Mrs Penny Manning
Parent Support Advisor Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Office Staff:

HR Officer/ Nursery Admin - Mrs Anita Smith

Finance Manager - Mrs Emma Ingham

Headteacher PA - Mrs Julie Bodger

Administration Assistant - Mrs Katie McHugh


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Teachers Curriculum and Management Responsibilities

Miss Adele Philpot - Year R Teacher, EYFS Maths

Mrs Emily King - Year R teacher, EYFS English

Mrs Joanne Doggett - EYFS and Key Stage 1 Special Needs and Disabilities (SEND) coordinator


Key Stage 1 Teachers Curriculum and Management Responsibilities

Miss Laura Sweeney - Year 1 Teacher, Humanities Coordinator

Mrs Helen Land - Year 1 Teacher, Science Coordinator

Mrs Gemma Hickman - Year 1 Teacher, Art Team

Mrs Sarah Young - See above

Mrs Cheryl Crosson - Year 2 Teacher, PSHE Coordinator

Mrs Jo Freeman - Year 2 Teacher, Music Coordinator

Mrs Gina Goddard - KS1 Learning Support Teacher, Religious Education Coordinator


Key Stage 2 Teachers Curriculum and Management Responsibilities

Mrs Julie-Ann Barker - Year 3 Teacher, PSHE/RSE, Students and Volunteers Coordinator, NQT

Mrs Anita Wojtowicz - Year 3 Teacher English as Additional Language (EAL) Coordinator

Mrs Nicola George - Year 4 Teacher Computing Coordinator, School Council

Mrs Victoria King - Year 4 Teacher, PE Coordinator

Mrs Amy Waters - Year 5 Teacher, Curriculum Lead, Eco-Schools Coordinator

Mrs Laura Back - Year 5 Teacher

Miss Laura Harman - Year 6 Teacher Maths Lead

Mrs Holly Kettle-Maile - Year 6 Teacher English Lead

Mrs Amanda Balls - KS2 Learning Support Teacher, Art Coordinator

Mrs Vicki Baker - Key Stage 2 Special Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Coordinator


Key Stage 1 and 2 Cover Teachers

Mrs Kelly Allen - PE Team, EAL team

Mrs Roberta Smith 


Higher Level Teaching Assistants (Qualified to teach)

Mrs Maria Jones - Library

Mrs Gemma Johnston - EYFS

Miss Kimberley Sheldrake - Health & Safety, Staff Wellbeing and Educational Visits Coordinator

Mrs Clare Fabian
Mrs Vicki Harvey
Mrs Julie Page
Mrs Melissa Smith
Mrs Amanda Pulham
Mrs Zoe Wilson
Mrs Leigh Jarvis
Miss Jessica Harman


Health Care Assistant

Mrs Angela Boyle - Care Plans


Teaching Assistants

Miss Elena Ball
Mrs Rachel Ball
Mrs Victoria Bailey
Mrs Belinda Beck
Mrs Emma Blake
Mrs Kay Cantell
Mrs Carla Caixeiro
Mrs Heather Cox
Mrs Kelly Manning
Miss Lisa Cannell
Mr Alex Deal
Miss Chloe Palmer
Mrs Joanna Douglas
Mrs Alison Smith
Mrs Debbie Page
Miss Emma Grealy
Mrs Rosie Sutton
Mrs Elciane Oliviera
Miss Sam Mason
Miss Sarah Gourdie
Miss Robyn Nichols
Mrs Leigh Jarvis
Miss Heidi Judd
Mrs Sonya Masters


Cosmic Corner, Key stage 1 and Reception Nurture Provision

Mrs Gill Blackett - Nurture Leader, Mental Health Champion(MHC)

Mrs Alex Sayers - Nurture Assistant, EAL team


Sunflowers Nursery

Mrs Sarah Covell-London  -Manager (DSL)
Miss Lauren Siely
Miss Sophie Hewitt
Miss Emily Ball
Miss Michelle Reynolds


Northgate Breakfast Club (8am)

Julie Page
Lauren Siely
Mrs Maria Jones


Northgate After School Club (3:15-5:00pm)

Mrs Maria Jones and Mrs Amanda Pulham (DSL) Mrs Sharon Lingwood, Miss Jessica Harman


Premises Staff

Mr Paul Cole - Caretaker

Cleaners - Mrs Tina Mann, Mrs Angela Boyle, Mrs Zoe Wilson, Miss Patricia Coelho

Kitchen Staff - Mrs Teresa Hewitt, Mrs Lisa Curtin, Mrs Angie Boast, Mrs Diana Stanislaus, Mrs Amanda Dyer (Midday Supervisor Leader)

Midday Supervisor Assistants - Miss Bethany Brodie,Mrs Sarah Chapman,Mrs Rachel Humphrey,Mrs Gwen Ingram,Mrs Susan Mills,Miss Lisa Nichols,Mrs Allison Poulson,Miss Vicky Tibble,Mrs Kim Bauer,Mrs Carole Grimster,Mrs Laura Slater,Miss Melissa Anderson,Mrs Charlene Doggett